Our Services

Pregnancy Confirmation, Prenatal Care & Complications

WAWC provides pregnancy verification for those seeking to apply for Medicaid and prenatal care for those seeking a doctor. We also offer miscarriage management for those with non-viable pregnancies, including ectopic pregnancies and missed miscarriages. If you are pregnant and experiencing bleeding or other indications of a poor pregnancy outcome, we are here for you.
WAWC does NOT provide elective abortions.

Contraceptive Options With Immediate Open Appointments

Pills – $15 a pack

Depo Shot – $50 per injection

IUD – $750 per device

EC – $40 (free Plan B available)

More options available
WAWC will work with you to ensure you can afford your contraception regardless of your income or insurance status. All services are provided on a sliding scale basis to those who are uninsured.

STI/HIV Testing and Treatment And Gender Affirming Care

WAWC provides testing and treatment for most STIs. We offer HIV testing, treatment and PrEP and can do many services over telehealth, saving you a trip to the clinic.
WAWC supports trans patients and can provide hormone therapy and other care to those over the age of 19. A new patient fee of $100 is requested for first appointments.

Other Health Services Available, Including Telehealth

WAWC offers annual exams, prenatal exams and basic health checks with low out of pocket costs, and can even provide some consultations by telemed. To learn more about options, email:

We accept Medicaid, Medicare, Plan First Blue Cross Blue Shield and other private insurances.
We provide care at a reduced fee to those who are uninsured.

To set up an appointment,
call us at
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Toll Free: 1-800-616-2383


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