What You Need to Know About Being Pregnant In Alabama

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Resources for Abortion, Adoption and Parenting Assistance

Still making a decision?

All Options Talk-Line – Fact-based, non-judgemental, non-coercive counseling without stigma or religious agenda.

Friends in Adoption – all options counseling

Looking for abortion clinics, medication or abortion support?

Ineedana.com  – tool for find your closest available legal abortion provider

PlanCpills.org – guide that provides information regarding medication abortion and how it can be accessed from Alabama

Red State Access – support and assistance for those who specifically live in states that have banned abortion, like Alabama.

Repro Legal Helpline – legal support hotline for those who manage their own medication abortion

M+A Hotline – text or phone support with medical advice for those managing their own miscarriage or abortion

Online Abortion Resource Squad – Online, 24-7 abortion support and information via OARS through Reddit

Reminder: West Alabama Women’s Center does not perform elective abortions and does not encourage anyone to obtain abortions that do not adhere to Alabama law. West Alabama Women’s Center does provide care to any person who is experiencing a pregnancy complication of any type and who requires medical assistance.

Need assistance with childbirth, parenting or adoption?

Alabama Medicaid application

Maternity care coordination services

Information on subsidized childcare

Alabama family assistance programs

Yellowhammer Fund

Noire Adoption – making adoption easier for Black and biracial families

Friends in Adoption – a non-judgemental, licensed, non-religiously affiliated non-profit adoption agency

For more extensive and local resources for pregnancy and parenting

click here for the Alabama Resource Directory for Women, Children and Families



The state of Alabama has banned all abortions unless they are done to “save the pregnant person’s life.” While we at West Alabama Women’s Center recognize that EVERY pregnancy puts the patient’s life in danger and because of this fact no person should be forced to give birth against their will, we are not allowed to use that as a justification for a medically necessary abortion.

We also know that the state of Alabama has a variety of ways of criminalizing a pregnant person. Our number one mission is to ensure ALL pregnant people have as much access to life-saving care as possible. As such, these are our commitments to pregnant people.

We will NOT turn you away if you do not have insurance and cannot pay.

Pregnancy is a health care issue and all people benefit from seeing a doctor as soon as they can. If you are pregnant we can confirm your pregnancy, obtain an ultrasound for an accurate gestational age, and begin prenatal care. If you are uninsured, this will allow you to begin the process to apply for Medicaid and obtain a doctor for follow up prenatal care and delivery. Although we cannot deliver babies, we will continue to provide prenatal care for you until you find a doctor who will take over your care if that is what you choose. If you do not plan to continue the pregnancy, this ultrasound can help you determine your timeline and options should you choose to terminate.

We will NOT refuse you care if you have an abortion and need follow-up care.

In the rare case that an abortion ends in complications, obtaining follow-up care in Alabama can be difficult. As such we promise that if you have had an abortion – however and wherever that may have occurred – we will see you to help ensure your complication is addressed. This option is available whether you had medication abortion or a procedural one and whether it was done by a doctor or self-managed. We will NOT ask questions about your abortion, and we will not turn you away because you had one. We will also NOT do anything that would begin a potential investigation into your abortion. You deserve health services without fear of arrest.

We will see you if you are having bleeding, and we will evaluate you fairly to see if a complication has occurred and intervention is needed

It is believed that as many as 20% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage, yet the ability to manage miscarriages is severely hampered in Alabama. If you believe your pregnancy is not progressing properly – either because of bleeding, lack of pregnancy symptoms, or for other reasons – we will provide you with an exam and determine if you are in the process of miscarrying. Should you meet the criteria for a non-viable pregnancy (lack of cardiac activity, declining pregnancy hormones, embryo implanted somewhere other than the uterus i.e. ectopic pregnancy) we will provide medical intervention without requiring you to risk your health waiting for the miscarriage to finish on its own. We will NOT ask questions to see if you may have instigated or attempted to initiate this miscarriage.

We will provide care regardless of your medical history.

We will provide you with necessary medical care regardless of your past or current medical history or any other concerns that may cause other medical providers to turn you away. Our number one goal is to reduce maternal mortality in this state, and that starts with ensuring your health is protected to the greatest degree allowed under Alabama law.